Laurie & Barry -a sherbert delight!

roses, ranunculus, and peonies mixed to make a mouthwatering reminder of fruit salad sweets!!



If ever a Bride’s personality was reflected in her flowers then this  Her for sure!! Laurie’s a great girl.. full of hugs,  laughter, and love.. everything about her says “happy”.. no pushover- don’t get me wrong..she’s a lecturer with a science degree  and a firm idea of what she likes and doesn’t like.. she confidently chose  the tantalizing colours of sherbert  with the meringue  style textures of roses and ranunculus to carry on her Big Day and we delivered amidst  the biggest of smiles and squeals of delight!!


Blue Blue eyes...
Blue blue eyes…

Laurie & Barry wed in the  sunshine (!!!) at The Honan Chapel late  Spring 2012… and that was  merely an affirmation of  what was already a very strong and funfilled relationship..

laurie b& w
Here’s one Happy Bride!
the Altar at the Honan at UCC- ablaze with colour!


Barry was the epitome of cool.. looking very smart indeed ..and grinning from ear to ear…

Barry and Laurie
Barry and Laurie- Mr. and Mrs. O Sullivan

  Family & Friends went on to party at Fota Island  afterwards..

candelabra designs at Fota Island- looking good enough to eat!


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