Steampunk Bridal Shoot -Bantry House

At Last!! The long awaited pictures from the Steampunk Bridal Shoot at Bantry House … Una and Jill gathered every bit of remotely Steampunk  Style  props with some divine antiquified flowers, squashed it all in the super Skoda and hit the High road to Bantry! And what a day we had…the sun actually shone for most of the day and in between shooting the view of bantry bay was inspirational.. not just that… our surroundings within the beautiful  Bantry house lent themselves fantastically to the theme of the shoot..Afternoon Tea at Bantry House

We’d been exploring the Aesthetic style that is known as Steampunk in the studio in the weeks preceding the shoot and when we got the call from Kait Husman of we were hopping around like 2 clockwork bunnies.. What is Steampunk ???…The term originated in the late 1900s as an imaginative combination of Victorian style  & science with modern day technological knowledge.. think HG Wells or Jules Verne, or even more recently Sherlock Holmes or The City of Lost Children.. Its got a little bit of sci fi, a hint of fantasy and a lot of creativity.. its a little dark, with a lot of lace, gears and Steam! You’ll love it!

The Scientist
A Formula for Love?

So  meander on down through the pictures they appear on  and revel in the collaborative creativity of some of Irelands  most inspired artistic minds- representing both themselves and the wedding industry … Enjoy!! and there’s even a video!